Copper, Aluminum and All Non-Ferrous Metals are our Specialty

Copper typically has the highest price per pound of the metals that we recycle, and therefore, it generates the most questions, interest and attention. Reliable Recycling has nearly 100 years of leadership in educating our customers on how to maximize the value of their material. Every member of our highly qualified buying staff will be happy to explain the differences between five main copper categories and highlight the most efficient ways to achieve the best possible return for your copper scrap.

Aluminum scrap recycling has become much more technical over the past decade or so. Many of the phone calls that we receive will begin with the question “how much is aluminum?” We then must ask the question “what type do you have?” Most of our customers are not aware that we sort over 12 different categories of aluminum. As Reliable has grown, so has our capability to offer our customers the benefits that come with selling “mill direct”, as well as opportunities to export some materials.

IN CONCLUSION: When we need advice or guidance on any topic, we consult an expert for that advice. Now, with the fourth generation of the founding family to assist you, Reliable Recycling is ready, willing and able to be “your” expert source of knowledge regarding the scrap metal industry.